Is High-End Audio Worth the Investment?

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The Audiophiles at Signature Theater Highlight the Best in Sound

The phrase high-end is synonymous with expensive. Yet the term high-end audio can mean different things to different people. Rather than asking yourself, ‘is it worth the investment?’ one ought to ask, ‘is the difference between a $1000 pair of speakers and a $10,000 pair worth it?’ If you’re considering adding audio solutions to your River Oaks, Texas home, than it’s important to focus your attention on quality rather than how much to spend. An audio product can be of better quality in two main ways: sound and build.

Of the two, build quality is easier to quantify. Take McIntosh for example. One of its new products requires at least one year, sometimes longer, to design, test and develop so that it meets performance expectations. McIntosh features a variety of audio products ranging from home audio and home theater to personal audio and music streaming. Its Reference Systems are straight out of a dream, brought to reality through imagination and engineering to deliver the closest thing to a live performance right in your own home. McIntosh has defined quality sound reproduction and set the standard for performance, reliability and service.

Speaking of sound, let us introduce Wilson Audio. Believing that no detail is too trivial to investigate, their audio experts examine the solder used to bind the various parts as well as internal wiring. After all this, Founder Dave Wilson listens to each part of the speaker in a controlled and repeatable environment. This unmatched attention to detail has resulted in a series of audio products worth hearing. Take the Sophia Series-3 for example; these loudspeakers were designed to be easy to own, less demanding of room acoustics, and provide its listener with pure musical enjoyment.

High-end audio from manufacturers like McIntosh and Wilson Audio are built to last, and both of these companies stand behind their products providing top-notch customer service. Compared with high-end cars or yachts, high-end audio is attainable—an investment you’ll enjoy for a lifetime and much more for sharing that a McLaren sports car or a Hermes Birkin handbag. Let us be your guide to the best in sound. Contact us hear how.

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