4 Ways to Bring High-End Audio into Your Houston Home

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Signature Home Theater Designs a Sound System to Fit Your Distinct Needs

4 Ways to Bring High-End Audio into Your Houston Home

Deciding between purchasing luxury products and going for more convenient retail options can be difficult for many customers. It’s a common misconception that only the biggest of audiophiles can enjoy the benefits of a high-end audio system, when in fact the durability and service that comes with these products makes them a worthy investment. Whether you’re looking for surround sound in your home theater or a sophisticated loudspeaker for your listening room, Signature Home Theater helps you find a high-end audio system that fits the specific needs of your Houston home.  

Experience Legendary Surround Sound

From Paradigm to McIntosh, many high-end manufacturers now offer home theater solutions. For complete systems that bring resounding surround sound to your private cinema, you can go with McIntosh’s Westchester lines.

The Westchester 1 offers a combined 3600 watts of power in a 7-channel system. A 7-channel system places speakers at the front, side and rear of the listener while splitting the audio into seven distinct channel to create a truly immersive audio experience.  You can also go with the more subtle Westchester 3, a 5.1 surround system that combines rear and surround effects into one channel, for media rooms with limited space. 

Take Your High-End Audio Outdoors

Another common misconception about high-end audio components is that they are fragile. Actually, they can be the most durable systems because of their meticulously-crafted components. For an example of a manufacturer breaking the mold, look to Paradigm’s line of outdoor speakers specifically designed to withstand extreme conditions. These sturdy speakers come in all sizes and colors to fit your home’s style. Paradigm even offers rock monitors that are specifically designed to blend into your home’s landscaping.

Experience the Power of Invisibility

High-end audio does not have to be seen to be appreciated. Fill your living room with your favorite music without cluttering up the décor with large, obtrusive speakers. Martin Logan’s Architectural Series offers a line of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that offer hi-fidelity sound while remaining virtually invisible. Each model comes with a paintable grille which allows you to customize the equipment to match directly with your home’s distinct style.

Combine Power and Sophistication

One way to incorporate high-end audio into your home is to go with the stealth route detailed above; the other is to incorporate stylish, innovative products that become a key feature in your home’s décor.  One of the frontrunners in this regard is the Italian manufacturer Sonus Faber, which backs its beautiful speakers with innovative technology for consistent hi-fidelity sound. Their Lilium loudspeaker, with a curved design and elegant walnut finish, can boost both the sound and style of your custom listening room.

Ready to change the listening experience in your Houston home? As an approved dealer for some of the top high-end audio manufacturers in the world, Signature Home Theater can find a sound system that fits the distinct needs and personality of your space.  

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