4 Ways to Manage Your Home With Smart Control

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Signature Home Theater Changes the Way You Communicate With Your Space

4 Ways to Manage Your Home With Smart Control

When you think of a smart home, what exactly do you envision? Is it a home that can think for itself or is it one in which all devices are interconnected for easy control? If done correctly, smart home control can offer both. Stop fretting with remotes or multiple apps to manage your technology with a solution that streamlines the way you communicate with your Woodlands, Texas home.

Quick Control For Everything in Your Home

At its core, smart control is about simplifying your day-to-day life. You can manage lights, entertainment, temperature and more from a user interface on your smartphone, tablet or touchpad. Want to watch a movie in your living room? Pull up the room on your Savant app to dim the lights and choose a movie or TV show from your digital library. While you’re watching the show, you realize you left the light on in the kitchen when you got up for snacks. Not a problem! You can turn off the light remotely from your Savant app without even getting off the couch.

Boost Efficiency With Pre-Programmed Scenes

What if you want to control multiple things at once? Scenes within your smart control system allow you to do just that. When you go into your custom home theater, simply press the “Movie” scene which dims the lights, closes the shades and turns on your projector. You can also schedule scenes to occur at a given time each day. A “Wake Up” scene opens the shades, slowly turns lights on and plays your favorite soundtrack when you get up in the morning. A “Goodnight” scene ensures all lights are turned off, doors are locked and the alarm has been set at the end of each night.

Stay Connected Even When You’re Away From Home

Using your Savant app, you can manage and monitor your home remotely. Whether you’re at work or on vacation, you can look in at any time with access to live HD surveillance video. If you notice a door has been left unlocked or a light turned on, you can take care of it from your smartphone. The responsibility of staying connected doesn’t have to fall entirely on you. Program your system to send you alerts for the things that matter most to you. Receive a message or push notification if someone is at the front door, the fire detector goes off or someone enters a restricted area.

Let Your Home Anticipate Your Family’s Needs

Smart control also leads to a proactive home. By using sensors and recognizing routines, automated responses are activated to make your home safer and more efficient. For example, shades automatically close during peak temperature hours to help conserve your energy. If flood sensors in your kitchen detect high moisture levels, the home’s water supply can be shut off to avoid damage.

Want to transform the way you communicate with your space? Contact Signature Home Theater today to install a smart home control system.

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