Enhance Your Security and Entertainment with Smart Home Control

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Feel Safer and Happier With Automation in your Houston, TX Home

Enhance Your Security and Entertainment with Smart Home Control

Whether you’re at the office, in the grocery store or on the highway, you want to feel in control. You complete your work on time, spend within your budget and drive defensively – and when you come home, you should feel the same way. Smart home control can enhance your sense of security and increase the value of your entertainment by putting you in command of every aspect of your environment. Everything, from watching a movie with the family to going to bed at night, can be augmented with smart automation. Read on to find out the ways smart technology can enrich the time you spend in your house.

Feel Safe With Smart Security

Your family’s safety is a top priority. When you’re at home and when you’re out, you want to have peace of mind. Keep track of what’s going on in and around your house with a surveillance system. Sharp, real-time video can be streamed directly to your television, computer screen, tablet or smartphone – no matter where you are. Have complete control of your surveillance system whether you’re on the couch or at the office.

But your surveillance cameras don’t have to work alone. Gain a greater sense of smart home control by integrating automated lighting and motorized window treatments into your house. Add privacy and keep the sun from damaging your interior furnishings with the touch of a button by utilizing smart shading. And while you’re away, let your smart lighting protect your home with pre-set dimmers that can raise and lower the lights alternately throughout your house, to give the impression that someone is home. You’ve never been safer than with smart home control.

Enjoy Your Entertainment with a Media Room

Of course, while feeling safe in your home is invaluable, enjoying your time there is just as important. And there’s no better way to relish your home entertainment than with a media room. Whether you want a dedicated space to watch your favorite summer blockbusters or a room to share sports and video games with your friends and family, a media room is a great way to utilize smart home control for an epic experience.

Transform an unused room into a dedicated home theater. An HD projector, retractable screen, surround sound system and automated lighting are all you need to get started on the personal cinema of your dreams. Upgrade with sound proof walls, floor lighting and comfortable seating for an even more incredible experience. And while these features can provide you hours of enjoyment, they don’t have to be complicated – control them all with a single remote, tablet or smartphone for maximum convenience.

And if you’re looking for a space to share games with friends and family, create a game room with multiple monitors, multiple game systems and in-wall speakers for a great place to compete with each other for hours on end.

Are you ready to upgrade your Houston, TX property with smart home control? Contact us to get started on your project today!

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