How Can the Savant App Change How You Manage Your Home?

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How Can the Savant App Change How You Manage Your Home?

When smart home automation first hit the market, users typically controlled the system from a universal remote or a touchpad docked on the wall. Things have changed since then, with people preferring the convenience of their mobile devices. With that in mind, Savant Systems became the first automation company to create an app for Apple devices in 2011. Since then the TrueControl app has evolved into SavantPro which is also available on android devices. Want to know why Savant continues to be at the forefront of the mobile movement? Read on to see the biggest benefits the Savant App can bring to your Woodlands, Texas home.

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Customize Your App to Meet Your Specific Needs

Every member of your family interacts with your home differently. So why shouldn't your control system reflect that? The Savant App does this in two distinct ways: offering personalized accounts and customizable menus. It all begins with how you access your own profile. Savant lets you organize your systems according to your priorities, putting the components you use most at the forefront for easy accessibility.

Every family member, and even employees like housekeepers or dog walkers, can be given individual profiles. Each person gets a menu fit for their distinct needs, so they don't have to browse through other people's settings to get what they want. Individual profiles can also keep your home secure. When you create a profile for your housekeeper or gardener, you can offer limited privileges so they do not have access to systems they do not need.

Make It Easy to Create Scenes

We've mentioned the benefits of smart home automation scenes in previous blogs. These settings involve multiple components. For example, you can have a "Cinema Night" scene that closes the shades in your media room, dims the lights and turns on the display to your Kaleidescape menu. So, how does your app enhance this feature?

For one, individualized profiles make it easier than ever to find the scene you want. While you make use of a "Cinema Night", your son is more interested in the "Gaming Marathon" scene on his profile. The scenes themselves are also easy to create with an intuitive "Save Scene" button on your app's main menu. As soon as you find the perfect set-up, simply go to your menu and press save.

Take Your Home Wherever You Go

The most obvious benefit of having control on your smartphone is being able to take your home with you wherever you go. As long as you have access to a Wi-Fi connection or media plan, you can do pretty much everything you do from home while you're away. You can close doors that were left open, turn lights off and arm your security system.

Certain features are specifically geared for when you're away. Access live surveillance footage to keep an eye on your home and receive alerts according to your specific priorities. Receive a push notification or message if your thermostat reaches a specific temperature, someone is at your door, or a door has been left open.

Want to experience the benefits of the SavantPro App? Contact us today for a consultation to bring smart home automation into your space.

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