How Can You Create a More Efficient Home with Smart Control?

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Signature Home Theater Gets the Most Out of Your Memorial, Texas Space

How Can You Create a More Efficient Home with Smart Control?

Worried about managing all the components in your luxury home? Don’t lose time and money struggling with a complicated home system. Let the functionality of your home match its beautiful décor. Elegance meets intelligence when you integrate smart home control into your Memorial, Texas residence. Boosting your family’s comfort and your home’s efficiency can be as easy as contacting the expert integrators at Signature Home Theater to design a custom-made Savant home automation solution to fit your space. Then all you have to do is download the Savant app on your smartphone to oversee and manage your home with the touch of a button. 

Manage Your Entire Home

Savant’s home automation system lets you control your entire space from a smartphone, tablet or touch pad. From the comfort of your living room, you can turn off lights that have been left on upstairs or start playing your favorite show in the kitchen just before you prepare yourself a midday snack.

Remote monitoring and managing is just as important as having control while you are home.  Get remote access to real-time video from your surveillance cameras to keep a constant check on your home. Receive alerts on your smartphone with an accompanying photo when someone enters or leaves the house so you can see when your children have made it home safely.

Jump into Action with Scenes

Simplify day-to-day living in your home by creating ‘scenes’ that immediately prepare rooms for what you want to do. A ‘Cinema’ scene dims the lights in the living room, closes the shades and begins playing a movie all at the press of a button. Scenes can also give you peace of mind. An ‘Away’ scene turns off all the lights, locks the doors and arms your security system when you leave the house.

Let your home do the thinking for you with scenes that occur automatically on a daily basis. Create a ‘Good Morning’ scene that slowly turns lights on, raises shades and begins playing music to ease you out of bed. A ‘Good Night’ scene kicks in at bedtime in your children’s rooms to play calming music and slowly dims the lights as they fall asleep.

Regulate the Climate in Your Home

With climate control, you can also make your home energy-efficient to reduce your carbon footprint and cut down on your monthly bills. Link motion sensors to your HVAC system so it can set the thermostat to a higher temperature when you’re away from home then lower the temperature again when you get back.

Integrate shading control with your climate control to help regulate your home’s temperature. When the sun is strong, shades close to cool down the house. During colder months, insulated shades help keep the house warm to reduce the energy needed to heat up your entire home.

Make your family and home more efficient by integrating smart home control into your Memorial, Texas space. Contact Signature Home Theater for a custom solution that meets your specific needs. 

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