Is Smart Home Automation the Right Fit for Your Lifestyle?

on Thursday, 17 September 2015. Posted in Smart Home Automation

Signature Home Theater Finds a Solution to Fit Your Bellaire, Texas Space

Is Smart Home Automation the Right Fit for Your Lifestyle?

With technology making smart homes accessible to the general public, the market is no longer limited to tech aficionados or isolated products such as smart security systems. Whatever your lifestyle, smart home automation can facilitate your day-to-day living by giving you full control of your home from your smartphone, tablet or touchpad. From parents to party planners, smart home automation has benefits for everyone. 

Want to create the perfect environment for your children?

Smart home control can make parenting easier in a myriad of ways. For example, Savant Systems allows you to create distinct profiles within your system with varying levels of access. This allows you to monitor the entertainment your children can access. Limit TV usage until after homework is done and restrict mature content on their profile. See what everyone is watching from a central interface on your smartphone tablet or touchpad so you don’t have to go from room to room to ensure rules are being followed.  

More importantly, smart automation gives your family an added sense of security. Get alerts on your smartphone at work letting you know your kids have arrived safely from school with an accompanying snapshot. You can also access live surveillance video remotely at any time to ensure that they’re doing alright while you’re away.

Looking for a way to cut your home’s energy costs?

Smart homes and green homes go hand in hand. One of the most common energy-saving solutions is linking smart shading to your thermostat, since your home’s heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems usually represent the biggest chunk of your energy consumption.

Set the perfect temperature for your home and let smart shading help your HVAC regulate the thermostat. If your home heats up throughout the day, your thermostat tells your shades to close in order to cool down the house without expending a large amount of energy. The same partnership can work during cold weather, with special insulating shades keeping temperatures from dropping throughout the day.

Wondering how to outdo your last legendary party?

Incorporate control of lights and entertainment in your smart automation system to create a ‘party’ scene that lets you prepare your home in a matter of seconds. Save your favorite settings into a scene that you can call up with the press of a button just before guests arrive.  

Your “Party” scene can even extend to more than one room, with different colored LED lights and playlists activating in each room to create diverse entertainment hubs within your home. Set up alerts on your phone anytime anyone approaches the front door so you can greet guests quickly.

Whether you’re looking to plan the party of the century or cut down on energy costs, contact Signature Home Theater for a solution that fits your Bellaire, Texas lifestyle. 

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