Television vs. Projector: Which is the Best Fit for Your Home Theater?

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Television vs. Projector: Which is the Best Fit for Your Home Theater?

The projector and screen set-up has been a mainstay of custom home theaters for years. Recent technology upgrades, however, have made large flat-screen televisions an increasingly viable, and at times superior, option. So how do you decide which is the best fit for your home theater system? Depending on the size, location and function of your room, Signature Home Theater helps you find the right equipment for your Bellaire, Texas home. Here are some things to take into consideration when deciding between a television and a projector:


One of the biggest drawbacks for traditional projector systems is the difficult installation process. Room dimensions, seating, lighting and projection angle all have to be taken into account. The projector needs to have wires running into a source component whether it’s a DVD player, cable box or Apple TV. Usually television installations are much simpler, though professional installations are still encouraged when mounting large televisions in home theater settings.

Image Quality
With the advent of Ultra 4K HD images and curved televisions, LED flat-screen TVs can provide images that are brighter and clearer than a traditional projector. More televisions are also now equipped with HDR technology which gives a high-dynamic range for truer colors on your screen. However, in a light-controlled room, images from a projector are a lot easier on the eyes than an LED LCD TV which gives off three times as much light.

The one overwhelming benefit of a projector is the size potential. You are unlikely to find a quality high definition television over 80 inches from corner to corner, and for many people a custom home theater is not complete without a screen that fills the room. While TVs offer better 4K capabilities at smaller sizes, in larger options the projectors can do a much better job of bringing 4K quality to every detail of your favorite movie.

Screens can also be more convenient if you have space limitations in your room. Many screen can be installed to drop down from the ceiling and be hidden away when not in use. Some large flat-screen televisions can be mounted on the wall without requiring additional furniture, but will still be more obtrusive than a screen on the wall.

Extra Features
Smart televisions have gained an advantage due to their many built-in features. While a projector needs to be linked to an external source for entertainment, many televisions come with built-in Blu-Ray players, streaming services like Netflix and extensive internet capabilities. Televisions tend to be more versatile if you want to use them for gaming or watching sports, while most families generally use projectors primarily for movies.

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