showroom2Signature Home Theater is your one-stop shop for high-end audio, video and smart home automation solutions.  Our integrators stay on top of industry developments to bring a custom-made smart home solution to your River Oaks, Texas home. Whether you’re considering bringing new 3-D technology into your home theater system or seeking the best smart home control to fit your lifestyle and budget, Signature Home Theater finds the best solution to fit your space.

Audio: Signature Home Theater provides the latest equipment to bring high-end audio to your residential spaces.  We can create a discerning two-channel system for the music enthusiast or a budget system for those interested in background music.

Video: We provide a wide range of display devices to meet any need, including LED-lit LCD flat panels, Plasma TV’s and projection units and screens for dedicated home theater systems.

Automation: Our integrators can design a complete smart home control solution that incorporates audio and video distribution, security, pool and HVAC control, intercom systems and lighting automation.  Any of the aforementioned components can be sold and operated independently or as a completely integrated solution.

Accessories: Signature Home Theater offers all of the components in our smart home automation systems separately to service the do-it-yourself client.  Whether you need just an HDMI cable or a specialized part to complete your system, we have you covered.

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