RGPC Pole Pig

RGPC Pole Pig
Brand: Richard Gray
Product Code: RGPC Pole Pig
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RGPC Pole Pig
With a capacity of 700 Watts, this transformer is a perfect solution for isolating the front-end components of a home entertainment system, such as DVD players, preamps and music servers
Complete Ground isolation for 120v service
Can power entire receiver-based home theater systems not exceeding 700watts in total draw
Removes ground loops that cause audio hum and video scroll bars
Rack mountable, or can be placed on a shelf of an equipment rack
Six Hubbell outlets
Offers surge suppression via a 280-volt clamp and onboard metal oxide varistor
Best paired with RGPC 600 S Parallel Power Delivery Model to form an RGPC IsoGray System
Available in black or silver

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