RGPC SubStation

RGPC SubStation
Brand: Richard Gray
Product Code: RGPC SubStation
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RGPC SubStation
For use with high-power amplifiers, video distribution amps, powered subwoofers, or any combination of components in excess of 700 Watts
Available in 120-volt (2,000 Watt capacity) and 240-volt/120-volt step down (2,400 Watt capacity) models
True isolated winding; requires no connection from secondary to Ground, hot or neutral. Should anything short to Ground, the short is floated to Ground and acts as a neutral
A true 3 kilowatt isolation transformer that completely isolates the AC line, helping eliminate ground loops that cause audio hum and video scroll bars, which often require an exhaustive search to identify
240-volt/120-volt step down model runs true differentially Balanced Power all the way to the gear, yielding twice the headroom for greater dynamics and performance
240-volt/120-volt step down model converts a true 240-volt line into an isolated 120-volt line with four commercial-grade, 20-amp Hubbell AC outlets to provide nearly 35% more power over standard a standard 15-amp circuit
Best when coupled with an RGPC parallel product to form an RGPC IsoGray System


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