IsoTek EVO3 Aquarius

IsoTek EVO3 Aquarius
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One of the most cost-effective upgrades you can buy for any high-quality audio system, Aquarius is a multi-award-winning six-way mains conditioner that redefined the power cleaning market. Two high-current outlets are provided for amplifiers, subwoofers and so on, with four medium-current sockets for other components.

  • Removes Common Mode and Differential Mode mains noise.
  • RFI reduction 60dB.
  • Six unique conditioning stages ensure optimal isolation between all outlets, eliminating Differential Mode cross- contamination.
  • KERP© (Kirchoff’s Equal Resistance Path) ensures equal resistance and equal power delivery to all outlets. No outlet gets power before the next, a common problem with other power products which daisy chain outlets together.
  • 67,500A of instantaneous protection, featuring IsoTek’s unique sequential protection system.
  • Internal wiring; solid core silver platted OFC copper with FEP and virtual air dielectric technology.
  • Two high-current outlets delivering 3,680W continuous. Four medium-current outlets delivering 1,150W continuous power.
  • Available in silver or black.


Number of outlets:

Standard mains inlet:

Outlets 1-2 (high current):

Outlets 3-6 (medium current:




16A C20 IEC



18" x 3" x 12" (W x H x D)


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