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Full Home Control

Signature can program your home automation system to meet the needs of your busy lifestyle. Using a single button you can dim lights, close shades, lock doors, arm security, turn on some music, watch the big game or do all of these things at once!  With the Savant or Control 4 System app you can control every system in your home and make better, more efficient use of your investments.

Never far from home

With the our Home Automation Systems you are never far from home.  Imagine being on vacation and checking your security cameras, making sure your doors are locked, unlocking your door for someone who needs access, arming or disarming security, or adjusting the heating or cooling!
Siganture makes this possible and easy so that you are never far from home.

Come try it out!

At Siganture we have the Savant Home Automation System on display for you to come and experience.  Come control the lights, our climate or turn our music and televisions on and off with simplicity and ease.  We look forward to seeing you!

Savant iOS6 iPadiPo

Please standby, products are coming soon.
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