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Sound Track System: The Paradigm Soundtrack System consists of a self-amplified soundbar speaker and a wireless powered subwoofer. The Soundtrack System easily connects to your flat-panel TV for realistic room-filling sound, without the need for a separate receiver or rear speakers.

Self-Amplified Soundbar Speaker: The self-amplified soundbar speaker is equipped with six drivers (three drivers per left/right channel). Each channel features a 1" Ferro-Fluid Cooled Dome Tweeter, 4.5" Bass/Midrange Woofer, and Dual 4" Passive Radiators. This driver configuration provides a wide soundstage with excellent stereo imaging.

  • 1" Ferro-Fluid Cooled Dome Tweeters: The soundbar speaker employs two 1" pure-aluminum dome tweeters. Fluid cooling the voice coil improves power handling which improves the accuracy, purity and range of the high-frequencies.
  • 4" Bass/Midrange Woofers: The soundbar uses two 4" mineral-filled polypropylenes bass/midrange woofers. This material delivers a superb low-mass, high-stiffness ratio for excellent reproduction in the higher midrange and fast transient response (explosions, etc.). The material is also an effective damper for distortion as the woofers move back and forth.
  • 4" Passive Radiators: The two 4" passive radiators are constructed of a mineral-filled polypropylene. The dual radiators extend the soundbar speaker's range in the lower bass frequencies.

Wireless Powered Subwoofer: The Paradigm Soundtrack System includes a wireless powered subwoofer. This compact, low-profile sub features an 8" laminated polypropylene cone driver with a 1.5" high-temperature aluminum-wire voice coil. Dual ports ensure even, articulate, well-timed bass performance. Oversized ports and driver are arranged in a perpendicular array to achieve the low-profile design. The powered sub receives its audio signal wirelessly from the Soundtrack system's soundbar speaker (a mono-RCA connection is also offered, if you prefer a wired connection between the soundbar and the sub). You can adjust the volume level of the sub independently from the soundbar speaker, using its rear-panel rotary volume level knob. 

2.4GHz Wireless Operation: The Soundtrack system features a 2.4GHz uncompressed digital self-sensing design that will automatically adjust for the best wireless connection while monitoring the integrity of the data stream. You are able to place the wireless sub up to 50' from the soundbar speaker.

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