Create a More Beautiful, Comfortable Environment for Tenants

Lighting control systems make your properties more marketable by giving your customers unparalleled convenience and control over their lighting, allowing them to alter the look, feel, and mood of a room quickly and easily.

Lighting control systems are easier than ever to install with the help of our team of consultants and designers. Here are 2 reasons why a lighting control system can make your properties more marketable.


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The Convenience of a Lighting Control System Attracts Customers and Makes Properties Feel High-Tech (and Therefore High-End)

One of the biggest selling points for many modern customers is the right technology. Older technologies are not necessarily turn-offs, but a modern lighting control system allows you to put on a show for customers that delights and impresses. Aside from improving the overall lifestyle of your tenants, this feature makes your property feel more luxurious (and therefore more interesting).

We can install a new lighting control system in your properties quickly and easily, increasing the marketability of your properties to renters or buyers. They’ll have complete control of the lights on their property through dedicated touchpads or on-wall keypads and will be able to remotely control their lights with a simple-to-use smartphone app..

The Right Lighting Control System Makes a Property Feel More Elegant and Sleek

Instead of having 5 or 6 light switches lined up along the wall in the living room, you can have one elegant keypad that controls the lighting system for the entire room, creating a more elegant, sleeker look for each room of the property.

Our clients in Memorial, TX value the simplicity we’ve given their properties by installing lighting control systems that reduce clutter on their walls. We’ve installed lighting control systems featuring premier brands such as DMF, USAI, Tech Lighting (Element), and LF Illumination.

Traditional light switches offer only two options for the lighting in your properties—on or off—while keypads can have many buttons and control climate, audio, and lighting. Keypads give your customers convenience and control, taking up less space on the wall and giving a sleek modern feel to the property.

Let’s Find a Light Control System That Will WOW Your Customers

Let’s talk about how we can find you the perfect lighting control system to make your properties stand out. Reach out to one of our lighting experts by filling out our contact form, giving us a call or using the chat box below.