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Latest systems aim to project video at same quality as professional-grade monitors

If you’re a River Oaks, TX, homeowner who loves to binge on Netflix, Sony may have just unveiled the perfect TV for you. On July 31, Sony announced its new A9F and Z9F models as parts of its MASTER Series, both of which boast improved video and audio quality as well as a new Netflix Calibrated Mode.

Sony says this new feature, which it developed with Netflix, enables the TVs to mirror the same video quality as studio monitors used by broadcast professionals “in order to preserve the artist's creative vision and intent,” according to a Sony press release. If these new TVs interest you, read on to see how we at iconic.systems might improve your media room design by installing one of these new models.

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‘Ultimate’ picture quality

The early reviews of both the A9F and Z9F models are unanimous in one regard: The picture quality is simply stunning. Both models use Sony’s new X1 Ultimate visual processor, and this new chipset has produced some jaw-dropping results. In their review of the Z9F series, Techradar said the X1 Ultimate creates “some of the most beautiful, refined images in 2018.” In comparing the picture on the A9F model to Sony’s X300 professional mastering monitor, Forbes said the screens “clearly track the color tones, shadow detailing and black levels … more closely than the LG E8’s pictures do.” If you choose to buy one of these TVs, be sure to let us help you install and calibrate it correctly.

Sound from your screen

If your home theater or media room has limited space, the A9F may be a solution for you. This model includes Sony’s new Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology, which effectively turns the TV screen itself into a 3.2 channel audio system. There are three actuators located behind the screen along with two subwoofers, projecting the sound in a more accurate representation of the action on-screen. The A9F can also be set to act as the central channel in other speaker configurations. We will make sure the A9F fits in with your home theater, regardless of how your speakers are set up.

A new Netflix experience?

Netflix Calibrated Mode is, for now, exclusive to these new Sony TVs. This setting can be found in the native Netflix app and aims to reproduce video at a quality near the level of professional studio monitors. While reviews of this new feature are limited, given how new the TVs are, early impressions are mixed.

Techradar said the feature looks like a generic video preset offering little in the way of improvement, while engadget said it deliver a slightly more accurate image, at least in the short time they spent utilizing the feature. However, engadget also pointed out that Netflix Calibrated Mode may be an upgrade for some consumers simply because it’s a one-click option in contrast to the lengthy process needed to calibrate many modern TVs.


Make your choice

Whether you’re in the market for an upgrade to your existing media room or are looking to start a new project, these new Sony TVs have a lot to offer. If these new models interest you, we at iconic.systems would be happy to help you get started.