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Big news from Wilson Audio

Wilson Audio, long considered to be the benchmark in high performance speakers, launched their newest product today.  Offering a teaser on the 7th, today dealers are officially allowed to audition, show, and sell the new Wilson Audio bookshelf speaker, the TuneTot.  Taking the history of cabinet and crossover design into the Sabrina, Dave and Daryl Wilson reached new levels in their design garnering industry and customer praise for a "smaller" form factor.  After the success with Sabrina, which was the first ever speaker to ship in a cardboard box, the TuneTot takes the new lead in smaller speakers.  Similar in many ways to the Sabrina, the TuneTot is designed as a monitor speaker to sit on top of something, like the original WATT.  For those that know the history, the WATT was a small monitor speaker that ultimately got paired with the Puppy base to make the WATT Puppy, one of the most iconic speakers in the history of speakers.  The WATT name actually stands for Wilson Audio Tiny Tot, so you can see where TuneTot gets its legacy.  

The TuneTot has all of the well known Wilson features, but adds a few new tricks too.  Because it is not a floorstanding speaker and will always need to sit on something else (like the WATT sat on top of the Puppy), Wilson makes a dedicated isolation base as an option.  Color matched to the speaker, the isolation base enhances the features of the cabinet by decoupling the speaker from the surface it sits on, which reduces or eliminates resonance.  In addition to custom colors for the speaker, they can be tricked out further with the addition of optional grilles or a woofer trim ring in matching or contrasting colors.

In our listening, the TuneTot sounds just like the Sabrina from the midrange on up, giving it the huge, open sound stage that the Sabrina gained so much acclaim for.  While it won't be able to produce as much bass as the Sabrina due to the smaller size, what it loses in low end, it makes up for in versatility.  The TuneTot is small enough to go on a desk, cabinet, in a bookshelf, or anywhere else that a floorstanding speaker wouldn't work.  Now you can have true Wilson Audio sound anywhere.  This is the perfect speaker for current Wilson owners who want the best sound in other areas or for the first time Wilson customer looking to get the sound they love in a more affordable package.  The Wilson Audio TuneTot is available starting today, May 10th, from $9800 a pair, plus options or customization.  We already have one pair presold, when do you want to get yours?


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