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Discover stylish lighting fixtures that will beautifully illuminate your home

The lighting in your home plays an important role in your life. Not only does it help you see, but it also affects your energy levels and sleep quality. Additionally, it can greatly impact your interior design—especially when you choose stylish fixtures that add finesse and personality to your home.

Buster and Punch lighting fixtures are designed to create harmony between your interior spaces. As the only Buster and Punch dealer in Houston, we’re showing off these unique lighting fixtures at our local showroom! Read on to learn why you should come check out Buster and Punch lighting today!

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Builders and interior designers know the importance of lighting control for their clients

Lighting plays a critical role in home builds and interior design projects. The lighting intensity, lighting color temperature, and on-wall control keypads can impact the look and feel of your spaces. That is why we recommend partnering with a lighting integrator to bring the best in lighting control to your projects. Savant lighting control makes it easy for your clients to manage the lighting in their homes.

Read on to learn how a lighting control system will help your spaces stand out and attract buyers in Houston, TX.

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Enrich your property with music in every room of your home just a finger-tap away

How do you listen to music? Do you bring a wireless speaker from room to room, or do you use earbuds? What if there was a better way to experience music in your home? A whole-home audio system brings audio into every corner of your home, transforming it into a giant sound space for music. Enjoy high-quality sound that changes the way you experience your favorite albums, artists and podcasts. Easily control the volume and adjust your playlists from a single intuitive interface. Are you ready to learn more? Discover how a whole home audio system will enhance your lifestyle in Houston, TX.

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We have quite a number of fans to  I have had clients moving from other states comment about dealing with us was so easy compared to the pain points they had with past experiences.  We have had other clients ask if we would go to another state to help them.  Having a local company is important and having someone who can provide the type of system and experience is key to satisfaction.  But technology is constantly changing, products are updated or obsoleted, and services come and go.  Nest thermostats said they would never integrate with other systems and that was backed by their CEO at the time stating this in a keynote speech at CEDIA Expo (the largest single industry event).  The following year they said they would integrate with any other systems with an open API.  Then the year after that, they started removing integrations again and breaking code that made them communicate to outside systems.  So if massive companies like Nest, owned by Google, change their direction so many times in such a short period; then imagine how difficult it is for smaller manufacturers and especially integrators to keep up with the ever changing landscape of technology.  But I digress.  We take over quite a number of projects that were installed by others, especially when it comes to Savant based systems.  So we see the work that many others do, even if we are not really competing with them on a daily basis.  We know what we do well and, of course, we think we do those things the best.  But we are not the right fit for everyone and truth be told, not every potential client is the right fit for us.  We specialize in clients who want convenience features that come with having smart home features, those who want designer features that can sometimes be difficult to master to make the home look great, and homeowners who want someone to make it easy to operate, have installed, and maintained.  We also sell systems and not a list of products that the average person (or insider) would struggle to figure out.  This all means that not everyone will find our method or even our company appealing.  So we get asked who else would you use if we weren't invited to do the home system.

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What does it cost to get an "automation system" in your home?  Well, that depends.  What do you consider a smart home?  What do I consider a control system for an automated home?

There are lots of terms for smart home and automated homes.  So one of the most important aspects of understanding pricing would be to understand features, because an automation system can range from $1600 to into the hundreds of thousands.  I always say it is like buying a car.  If you know what you are looking for, then you can better decide if the price is right for you.  If you just ask "how much does a car cost?", well you will get a different answer from a Honda dealer and a Mercedes dealer.  You would get a different answer from a guy building his own hotrod in his garage.  And you would get a different answer altogether from someone who gets chauffeured in a limo.  Let's look at what would make a smart home or automation system range so drastically in price.

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QMotion Shades and Savant Home Automation Appeal to Potential Buyers

Condo designers and builders must anticipate the needs of future tenants and make their properties stand out from the competition. More residents than ever expect smart devices and systems to be incorporated into their future homes. Partner with a smart technology integrator like to ensure that your condos are beautiful and intelligent.

In this blog, we’re focusing on the advantages of adding powered motorized shades by QMotion and Savant smart home control to your Memorial, TX condo properties for increased value and appeal. Keep reading to learn more!

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Tunable Lighting Mimics the Light of the Sun to Improve Your Overall Wellness

Whether you are working in the home office or going about your daily chores, your home's lighting is vital to your everyday life. Smart lighting control adds convenience by allowing you to control every light in your home from anywhere through intuitive interfaces like an app or wall keypad. But the benefits are not limited to just convenience; through tunable lighting solutions that change in color temperature and intensity, lighting control can also improve your overall wellbeing.

Keep reading to discover circadian lighting and how it will promote wellness in your Houston, TX home.

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Unite Style and Automation by Working with a Savant Dealer

As a condo designer, you’re an expert at creating spaces that are beautiful, safe, and functional. You’re also skilled at anticipating the needs of residents and making sure their home complements their style. However, challenges can arise when more residents expect their spaces to be equipped with smart technology. How can you incorporate technology into your designs without disturbing your vision?

When you work with a technology professional like on your Houston, TX condo designs, you’ll have the tools you need to create spaces that bring aesthetics and automation together. As a Savant dealer, we understand the importance of creating a whole-home experience that’s seamless and delightful. Keep reading to learn how our team can help you make your beautiful spaces smarter.

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Outdoor Sound Systems Deserve the Same Design Treatment You’d Find Inside

As ironic as it might sound, uniqueness is a quality everyone has in common. Every homeowner has a bespoke vision for their ideal home, just as they would for what comprises a beautiful song. So it makes sense that everyone living in your Memorial, TX, neighborhood might have a different view of the perfect outdoor sound system. 
Despite their durable, weatherproof features, the outdoor speakers we install never look clunky or utilitarian. In fact, they’re attractive and versatile, serving a variety of design tastes and other preferences. We’ll discuss two types of homeowners below and how we can find options to complement each of their aesthetic preferences, so stay tuned!  

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Add Convenience to Your Clients’Lifestyles and Increase Your Property Value

Condo designers and builders: You can add convenience to your clients' lives and increase the value of your properties with a Savant home automation system. Condo owners can easily operate their technology from the intuitive Savant Pro mobile app, by voice control, wall keypads, or a stylish remote. They can even program their technology to adjust automatically throughout the day.

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of home automation for your projects? Keep reading to learn three key technologies that a Savant smart home control system can bring to your condo projects in Houston, TX.

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The Edge Media FrameEclipse Art Lifts & Sonance Invisible Series Blend Style and Function

Home entertainment systems have become a must in any luxury home, but audio-video components often feature wires, remotes, and other obtrusive components that detract from your interior design. Integrators are conscious of this fact and are continually working with interior designers to create as unobtrusive solutions as possible. One way that this is achieved is through audio-video components that are cleverly concealed while not in use and reveal themselves with just the tap of a button.

Read on to learn more about hidden speaker solutionsand other hidden technology products from Leon Media Décor and Sonance for your River Oaks, TX home.

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Upgrade your Current Lighting System to Reap the Benefits of the Latest Lighting Technology

Lighting is arguably the most critical component of your home's interior design. The placement, intensity, color, and fixtures of your lighting can make or break the feel of your space. Don't let it take a backseat when renovating or updating your home. Our experts at keep a close eye on the home lighting control industry and have identified key trends we expect to see in 2021. Read on to learn three trends that you should incorporate into your home lighting control design for the new year in River Oaks, TX.

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Discover the value of implementing Savant home automation into your projects

Smart technology is quickly becoming an expected feature of new builds. Home automation systems offer users convenience, energy savings, and centralized control of all of their home’s devices. By installing home automation systems during the build phase of your projects, you will save your clients money and the headache of a stressful installation down the line. Take your next condo projects in Memorial, TX to the next level with Savant automation. Read on to learn why condo builders and designers should partner with a Savant home automation dealer like

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Hidden AV technology blends into the aesthetic of your West University Place home

Don't sacrifice form for function when designing your space. Hidden technology improves interior design by effortlessly blending into the décor of your home and removing the clutter of cords, remotes, and blank screens. Enjoy a vivid 4K picture without settling for a bulky display that ruins your aesthetic when not in use. Learn how hidden TVs will add convenience and style to your home in West University Place, TX.

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3 Reasons Why an Automation System is Perfect for Your Design-Build Project

Smart homes and smart technologies are becoming more and more popular with homeowners as the years pass. Can you blame people for wanting to live in a smarter home? After all, we how have technology available that can transform their day-to-day lifestyles.

Doing “business as usual” is not an option for successful contractors and designers. If you are a home builder or condo designer, then it’s time to add home control system integration to your projects in River Oaks, TX. Keep reading to discover the three advantages of working with a smart home integrator.  

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smart technology makes controlling sunlight a piece of cake

If you’re looking to upgrade your home’s window treatments, motorized shades are the way to go. They offer a myriad of benefits: convenience, energy efficiency, and security are just a few. To those who are new to motorized shades — or those who want to know what the latest shades are to install — we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading to learn all about motorized shades and specific products you should install for your West University Place, TX, home.

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Make Your Condo More Attractive with a Smart Home System

As an experienced designer or builder, you not only specialize in your trade but are always looking for ways to improve your services. Because people usually want the best of the best, it’s vital for you to stay on the cutting edge of industry advancements. One of the biggest game-changers of the 21st century is smart home technology.

A study conducted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) found that nearly 65% of homeowners want some degree of smart home control. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add home automation to your construction project. Read our blog to see how, a leading Savant dealer in Memorial, TX, helps you stand out from the competition.

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make movie night an every-night affair with a private cinema in your home

Want to go to the movies? After waiting in traffic, paying inflated prices for tickets and concessions, and hurrying to find the perfect seats, you’re probably wondering if it’s all worth it. Sure. It could be a good experience, but do you really want to roll the dice on that one? Instead of taking chances, take control of your entertainment experience.

If you love watching movies and shows in a comfortable atmosphere while having complete control of everything, then a home theater installation in Houston, TX, is the right choice for you. But designing a theater means more than having a traditional TV and soundbar. Much more! Read our blog to find out what you need to make your home cinema even better than the movie theater.

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start your day off with high-tech solutions in your bathroom

When most people think about smart homes, the first things that come to mind are usually automated lights and motorized shades, smart security and cameras, and AV solutions. But did you know that you can optimize your bathroom space with high-tech home automation products? Make your bathroom as smart as the rest of your house in River Oaks, TX, by installing hidden TVs, lighted mirrors, and other features.

Step into the future as you step into your bathroom! Your room doesn’t need to be simply functional. Learn how to make it cater to your comfort level and sense of style by reading our blog.

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Create the Ultimate Environment for Listening to Your Favorite Recordings

There are plenty of reasons why your home should have a dedicated listening room. Music has been medically proven to reduce stress, increase creativity, and help us sleep better. It simply helps us live a better life. So why wouldn’t you want to get your hands on the best audio quality available?

If you need to escape the daily grind and relax by listening to your favorite music, or meditation sounds, having a separate room to immerse yourself requires the right sound design.

Dedicated listening rooms designed by the team in River Oaks, TX, can be accessed by the digital device of your choice and offer you the same listening experiences you have at a recording studio or concert hall.

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