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Bowers & Wilkins 800 D3: The Perfect Auditory Experience Every Time

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With B&W Speakers, High-End Audio is Always Achievable

Quality sound is crucial. Playing your favorite song or hearing the crisp narration of an audiobook is enhanced tenfold when your speakers produce high-end sound with each listen.

With Bowers & Wilkins legendary speakers, you can make any part of your West University Place, TX home feel like a concert hall with high-performance audio.

No matter what you want to hear, the right speakers can make all the difference. In this blog, we dive into more about this brand, specifically its flagship 800 D3 series.

Why Bowers & Wilkins

For quality loudspeakers for any area of your home, Bowers & Wilkins is the perfect solution. With over a half a century of experience in the music industry, they’re an established name for audiophiles everywhere.

Regardless of your home’s interior design, space layout, or functionality – B & W has a wide selection of speaker series to choose from.

They offer standing speakers for dedicated listening rooms, or even architectural models ideal for media room applications or concealed areas where fidelity is important. Smaller bookshelf speakers are of course an option too, as they blend seamlessly with your décor.

In the next section we’ll focus on the D3 Diamond series: considered by many to be the perfect loudspeaker.

The B&W 800 D3 Series

The 800 D3 Series offers a variety of models ranging from the traditional 800 to smaller variations in the form of the stand mounted 805 model. For those interested in high-end surround sound applications, there are also center channels and subwoofers available within the series to coordinate.

As always, the standout features in the series is the Diamond Tweeter that helps the speakers avoid harshness and reverberation at any volume level. Literally made from diamond, the low coloration allows the sound to come through as if you’re standing at the center of a live concert.

As beautiful as they are efficient, every aspect of the design is meant to enhance the sound reproduction. For example, the 805D3’s have a curved wood cabinet and an internal Matrix bracing for a sturdier acoustic frame. This makes it more immune from external factors that could affect the sound. Every B&W 800 series speaker is handcrafted using proprietary components that were developed by some of the best engineers in the business. This is part of why Stereophile magazine notes several models from the 800 series as award winners or recommended components.

Don’t have room for a flagship floor-standing speaker? The Reference series CWM8.3 D keeps many of the stunning features of the Diamond series but engineers it into an architectural speaker. Imagine almost all of the award winning sound from an 800 series speaker, but with no footprint, hidden in a wall. Some consider it the best in wall speaker you can buy.

In Ceiling Speakers FInal

To really enjoy their exemplary quality, you need to invest in high-end electronics as well.

You can test out these speakers and find out which receivers and amplifiers would work best with them by visiting one of our showroom locations.

To schedule a visit, you can give us a call at 713.933.0606 or fill out our online contact form. We’d love to hear from you!

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