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Devialet: For the Casual Listener or Audio Connoisseur


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High Performance Audio is Meant for Anyone

Perhaps you want to listen to your favorite artist’s latest album as you go about your daily routine while walking from the kitchen to the other side of the house.

Or maybe you’re the audio enthusiast that needs a separate listening room to hear every intricate note and lyric in the songs you’re playing.

No matter which category you fall into, Devialet has the high-quality speakers that are meant for you. You can bring high performance audio to your River Oaks, TX living space in every form and fashion with Devialet’s various product options.

Keep reading below to learn how you can enhance your listening experiences with these excellent audio equipment choices.

For the Everyday Listener

If you like to rock out to some pop tunes or listen to a new playlist as you work or study, you deserve quality audio no matter the occasion. Devialet’s Phantom speakers are the way to go. Unlike any other wireless speaker before it, it shatters all your expectations and goes above and beyond.

These speakers are plug-in-and-play, though you’ll want to have a robust wireless connection to get truly high-quality sound. With Phantom speakers you get instant access to the biggest names in the streaming world including Spotify, Tidal, locally stored music, and more to take care of all your music and multi-room audio needs.

The crystal-clear audio is perfect for any area of your home, even your home cinema. The speakers include ADH Analog Digital Hybrid amplification to give unprecedented clarity in sound. Despite its small size, the Phantom still includes two later woofers for a Heart Bass Implosion making it the most full range wireless speaker on the planet. In fact, due to its extensive engineering and over 100 patents, a Phantom can produce sound below that of many subwoofers. Packed with 1200 – 4000 watts of zero distortion power, this is an audio product that breaks the mold.

With wireless technology and streaming services evolving daily, you don’t have to worry about your high-end speakers becoming obsolete. The company’s EVO Platform immediately sends upgrades to your Phantom speaker that you can easily access through your Devialet Spark app. Feature and performance upgrades have been done several times via over the network updates. You can even listen to the Paris Opera House, where there is a Devialet boutique, stream live performances in high resolution at no charge just because you are a Phantom owner. The Phantom comes in 3 models starting at $1699.

For the Audio Aficionado

Now if you’re a music lover on all levels and are looking for next level performance – look no further. The Expert Pro audio system is absolutely incomparable in every aspect. For the ultimate in audio, take this sleek, ultra-thin product that includes an amp, preamp, DAC, and phono stage – and streamlines them into one unified, ultra-thin design.

Expert Pro is all about the auditory experience that connoisseurs of sound are looking for – and that’s exactly what the system delivers. Absolute high-quality audio, using the best available technologies. This is meant for those looking to up their listening game and never turn back.

With zero distortion, you get an unprecedented purity of sound. This minimalist system packs a big punch too. It includes the company’s patented analog-digital hybrid amplification, SAM real-time speaker matching and high-resolution streaming possibilities through the new Devialet OS.

For the most advanced of audiophiles, you can use the Expert Pro Configurator to tweak your system to your preferences from input definition to the specs of your phono cartridge or speakers. Devialet has physically measured the output of over 4,000 speakers, so most high-end speakers have a SAM profile that can be loaded to give the best possible match to your speakers. You end up with a custom solution primed for your listening needs. The Expert Pro comes in 4 models of different power levels, starting at $7999.

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No matter if you listen to music casually, critically listen for every nuance, or lie somewhere in between – there’s a Devialet system that’s the right fit for you.

Want to learn more about this top-notch brand? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We’ll make sure you’re hearing high performance audio in your home in no time.

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