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Discover How Hidden TVs Offer The Best Of Form And Function


Hidden AV technology blends into the aesthetic of your West University Place home

Don't sacrifice form for function when designing your space. Hidden technology improves interior design by effortlessly blending into the décor of your home and removing the clutter of cords, remotes, and blank screens. Enjoy a vivid 4K picture without settling for a bulky display that ruins your aesthetic when not in use. Learn how hidden TVs will add convenience and style to your home in West University Place, TX.


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Concealed Displays

Integrate your display into your room by hiding it in a mirror or behind a photograph or painting of your choice. When the television is not in use, the picture will roll down to cover the blank screen, making it appear as if your display is merely a complementary aesthetic addition to your interior design. Some televisions even display the artwork or photo when turned off so that the screen itself becomes the décor. Using motion sensors, the TV will determine when the room is empty and turn off to conserve energy. Once it senses that people are entering the room, it will eliminate the black screen and display your choice of decoration. Best of all, your other artwork will no longer be overlooked. A television screen is often the central focus of a room, overshadowing your handpicked artwork, sculptures, and design features. With the television cleverly hidden, you will shift that focus to other aspects of the room.

Motorized Lifts

Another way to conceal your television is to invest in a motorized TV lift. An audio-video integrator can install your AV system to descend silently and smoothly from the ceiling or an empty wall with just the tap of a button on your remote or smart device of choice. It can also be installed to nest in a piece of furniture or a console; either way, when it is time to marathon your favorite shows, the motors will lift it or drop it into view. This means that you can install a television in areas where it would typically look out of place or become damaged by dust and moisture, such as your bathroom or kitchen. A hidden TV is also much harder for your children or pets to damage, and hidden technology protects your expensive equipment and vulnerable family members from harm. If you are more interested in a projector and projector screen, those are even easier to conceal than a television. Your projector can be cleverly hidden so that it does not obstruct your interior design, and the projector screen will roll up readily into the ceiling, allowing you to have a large display without having to sacrifice precious wall space.


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