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CEDIA Innovations for the Ideal Cinema for Your Woodlands Home

A private home theater can completely change the way you watch films and experience movie-going.  You want to give your family and friends the best immersive atmosphere there is., a CEDIA certified member (Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association), is the best way to get that technology installed.  Now, with incredible smart tech updates presented at CEDIA Expo 2017, bringing luxury and convenience to your home cinema is easier than ever.  Read on below, to learn how you can amp up the entertaining atmosphere in your Woodlands, TX home theater for the better.


Screens & Projectors That Wow

What you see up on screen is a key component in the film-watching world – and screens and projectors have a huge say in that.  CEDIA showed some great innovations available now or to order:

Sony is rolling out its “4K for under $5K” VPL VW285ES projector, meaning you can get the 4K product starting at $4999.  It is slightly less bright than its predecessors, and would work well in a controlled theater atmosphere as opposed to living spaces with ambient lighting.

Screen Innovations’ “Transformer” is changing the game when it comes to projector screens.  Without any masking over a large screen, the Transformer literally “transforms” the screen’s size – making it as wide as you need.  This would be a wonderful addition to a high-end home cinema.

Want to take your movie nights on the road?  Now the theater can come with you.  Screen Innovations introduced “Solo,” a screen that is transportable and easily moved.  Made from aluminum housing, the screen can be stuck to glass via suction cups and has a rechargeable battery to motorize it.  Most journeys include outdoor adventures, and Solo makes shifting from inside to out a breeze.  With ambient light rejecting material, Solo makes it quite simple to choose it over a weather-resistant TV.

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News in Theater Shading

For ideal viewing, motorized shades are a great way to block out sunlight in your home theater. Though not quite available yet, Screen Innovations is taking a stab at motorized shades.  Available in many colors for the fascia that will cover the roller, it also features a rechargeable lithium battery.  The battery is what sets these shades apart.  It will have a year+ life after one complete charge.

It has a magnetic lead that you can connect to the shade bracket. It will take around 45 minutes to fully charge – and it will then last for a year or longer.  If your shades are high, the recharging lead will also be very long, to make usage and charging convenient for everyone.  And if equipment that needs charging isn’t a favorite of yours, there will be low voltage wired ones available so that you won’t have to do so.

Kaleidescape – the leader in 4K movies

Kaleidescape introduced new add-on products.  Using an existing Kaleidescape system, compact players can be added in the home to provide access to the Kaleidescape movie store and movie collections in other rooms.  Having multiple streams and easier access to the movie library just went a step further.   With Kaleidescape already being the leader in digital movie collections and being partnered with more movie studios, it’s even more reason to get on board with storing and buying movies digitally versus disc based.

More 4K content everywhere

For taking television watching to the next level, Tivo was already the leader in DVR technology, commercial skipping, and streaming app integration.  What could possibly make the best cable box replacement even better?  How about voice control, a new search interface, and 4K capable Tivo Minis for any room of the house.  Starting at under $300, Tivo Bolt is the best way to get cable television through Comcast Xfinity.  Plus it adds in Netflix, Pandora, Amazon Video, Vudu, Hulu, YouTube, and more.  With one box, you can record up to 6 shows at the same time.  Add Tivo Minis, including the new 4K Mini, to any other rooms to share content, recordings, and more.

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To learn more about the numerous innovations and smart tech advancements at CEDIA 2017, contact at (713) 933-0606 or online through our contact form.

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