The Edge Media FrameEclipse Art Lifts & Sonance Invisible Series Blend Style and Function

Home entertainment systems have become a must in any luxury home, but audio-video components often feature wires, remotes, and other obtrusive components that detract from your interior design. Integrators are conscious of this fact and are continually working with interior designers to create as unobtrusive solutions as possible. One way that this is achieved is through audio-video components that are cleverly concealed while not in use and reveal themselves with just the tap of a button.

Read on to learn more about hidden speaker solutionsand other hidden technology products from Leon Media Décor and Sonance for your River Oaks, TX home.

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Edge Media Frame

Hide away the mounting and wiring and showcase your TV with a contemporary Edge Media Frame. With a straightforward design, this piece will encase any TV and soundbar from Leon Speakers in solid hardwood, outlining the sides of the display and concealing unsightly wires and mounting for an installation that brings the best of both form and function. Your Edge Media Frame will blend in seamlessly with any décor. Our team developed an Edge TV Frame product with Media Décor that conceals the entire system behind the TV and frame, and we can do the same for you.

Choose from a wide selection of hardwoods and finishes, such asLight Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Grain White, Grain Black, Matte White, Matte Black, or any custom paint color. Each piece is handcrafted and built to accommodate any TV or soundbar, creating the appearance of a built-in unit without the hassle and cost of construction. It is easy to service and maintain. Remove the magnetic frame to access the wiring and mounting.

Eclipse Art Lifts

Elevate your décor with an Eclipse Art Lift that transforms your dull and boring blank TV screen into a centerpiece of your interior design. When you are done watching TV, press a button and a piece of artwork, mirror, or photograph of your choice will retract to conceal the blank screen. There are a variety of different options for you to choose from. The Eclipse Vertical glides up and down, the Eclipse Horizontal moves from left to right, and the Dual Eclipse separates in the center, elegantly splitting your artwork or decorative panel to reveal your TV. The Eclipse uses whisper-quiet Lutron motors to function and a recess-mounted design with no visible tracks for a discreet appearance. Choose from existing artworks, decorative panels, or mirrors from your personal collection. Integrate your system with your home automation system or universal remote for simplified control.

Sonance Invisible Series

Sonance Invisible Series architectural speakers are installed into your walls or ceilings and then finished over with the surrounding surface material, such as drywall finishing, wallpaper, wood veneer, or venetian plaster, so that your speakers are completely invisible and literally become part of your surfacesBest of all, there is no need to sacrifice sound quality when installing these speakers. Unbelievably crisp and rich music will emanate from your walls or ceilings, creating a breathtaking experience without detracting from your interior décor.

Learn how iconic.systems can elevate your interiors with beautiful audio-video technology solutions that look and sound impeccable without distracting from your décor. Get started by calling 713.933.0606 or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to working with you.