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Gain Peace of Mind with a Visualint Home Surveillance System

Gain Peace of Mind with a Visualint Home Surveillance System

Know the Moment an Incident or Event Happens on Your Property


Don’t make leaving your home for any amount of time a stressful situation.

An unoccupied home can be an ideal target for most thieves and burglars, but with the proper home surveillance system in place, you won’t have to spend another moment worrying.

You can know the second something happens on your property – in and near your house. Installing Visualint surveillance cameras around your Memorial, TX home will alert you about any type of incident or intruder.

Want to learn more about this smart service and how it can help make your vacations and errands stress-free? Keep reading below.


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Communicating Cameras

Installing an intelligent camera system means you don’t have to find out about a small accident or a disaster hours later or when you return to your home after being away.

Visualint cameras are a cut above standard surveillance equipment. Other cameras use light-based tracking, while Visualint uses size-based object tracking. Now your cameras won’t mistake a dog for your next-door neighbor walking across your yard. They can distinguish between the two and let you know.

Your system will have both standstill and PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras that will work together to capture every form of movement. When they sense movement, your PTZ cameras can then track the intruder every second they’re within your home’s parameter or once they cross a boundary established in the system.

Set up your cameras to know when someone enters through a particular area or part of your property. With intelligent cameras, virtual boundaries are established to mark areas like fences or sidewalks. If someone walks past your house, no worry. If they stop for too long or approach your door, then the system is triggered. You’ll receive an alert the moment someone crosses a boundary, including walking through your yard or when a car pulls up in your driveway.

Visualint can even identify and recognize specific vehicles and other cars or trucks that show up, so you know exactly who is at your home and with high enough resolution that license plates can be read or faces can be recognized.

In addition to notifications, alarms can sound, your system can flash lights in the area and other deterrents can scare off an intruders. You’ll gain peace of mind and prevent any potential robberies before they can even begin.


gain peace of mind with a visualint home surveillance system1 


Constant Monitoring

Visualint is unique for many reasons – but what sets it apart from other smart surveillance systems is that it can determine what is a false alarm and what is a real cause for worry.

“Virtual Technician” is Visualint’s included service that sets up the boundaries and can cut down false positives by 90 percent virtually eliminating false alarms.

With the addition of remote video monitoring, you can even have a virtual security guard respond to any notifications. When monitoring is set up, a team of security professionals has access to the live stream, so that when a notification is triggered, they can view the threat. In addition to determining the validity of the threat, they can contact the police, be a witness to an incident, and in some cases, provide another level of deterrent. Their response is much quicker than a homeowner receiving a notification, pulling out a phone, checking the app, and then determining what to do.

Between Virtual Technician and remote video monitoring, you are ensured that you have a team on your side looking out for you, and one that guarantees only real emergencies and incidents are handled with urgency.


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Elevate Your Space

As a home surveillance system, your Visualint system shines – but what about the other features it adds to your home?

Besides security, it can enhance your smart home control.


Want to learn more about how a Visualint home surveillance system can transform your home’s security? Give us a call at 713-933-0606 or fill out our online form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team.


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