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Have a More Enjoyable and Relaxing Summer with Savant


Savant home automation can help you enhance summer fun with outdoor media control, lower your energy bills with motorized shades and lighting control, and so much more

There’s no mistaking it: Summer has come to Texas, and that means plenty of hot, humid days ahead. With the worst of the summer heat still to come, the last thing you need is extra hassles when trying to deal with the technology in your home. You’re also likely looking for ways to lower your energy bills.

Luckily, there’s a way to better manage the devices in your home, make summer activities more enjoyable and reduce your electricity costs: Savant home automation. With Savant, everyday chores become a breeze, you get new and expanded entertainment options, and you can slash your utility bill. Read on to find out all the ways Savant home automation can benefit homeowners in Memorial, TX.

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Music is an excellent way to add more fun to your next backyard cook-out or pool party, and the long, warm nights of summer are great for enjoying an Astros baseball game or your favorite movie outdoors.

With Savant, you can manage all the entertainment options in your home – both indoors and outdoors – seamlessly from your phone. Your music from your whole-home audio system can follow you outside, and you can turn on the game while you grill without having to pause what you’re doing.  Plus when friends come over, they can easily AirPlay their music to your Savant system too.  With all of the popular streaming services incorporated, you will never miss out on having the right music for the mood.


Both lighting control and motorized shades have practical and aesthetic benefits perfect for summertime. Let’s start with lighting control. For starters, Savant lighting control includes the ability to manage lights throughout your home. This lets you program preset lighting scenes or schedules for your outdoor lights as well as simplify how you control them. For improved safety outside, you can set your lights to come on automatically whenever someone enters your yard.

On the aesthetic side, you can create lighting scenes of different intensity or with different fixtures to match certain moods or occasions; maybe you want the lights a little dimmer to watch something on your outdoor TV, or to create a scene where your landscape lights are on but nothing else is on so you can show off your landscape design.  Want to change the mood entirely, color controlled lighting is integrated as well.

With motorized shades, the biggest benefit is the energy savings they offer. By using preset schedules or setting your shades to adjust themselves during the day based on the sun’s position, your shades will keep more sunlight and intense UV rays out of your home. This will not only keep your house cooler (saving you money), but it will also prevent your furniture and other décor from sun damage.


If you’re away from work all day and the rest of your family is away at camp, the beach or otherwise outside the home, you’re vulnerable to theft. A home surveillance system integrated with Savant gives you the peace of mind you’re looking for. Peek in on your surveillance system using the Savant Pro app.  You can program away and vacation scenes that make it look like someone is home.  You can also activate the system remotely if you forgot to do so when you left.


Savant recently released a series of new control modules that give you unprecedented control and monitoring over the electronics throughout your home. You can control individual load levels of your devices, and you get utility-grade reporting of how you’re using energy across your home. These new modules are very easy to install, and you can use the Savant Pro app to quickly see energy consumption data from your entire home. With the additional data, you can make real-time adjustments to cut down on your energy usage and save some money.

Now’s the time to get started on your Savant home automation upgrade, before the worst of the summer heat arrives. To begin your project, call us at (713) 933-0606. You can also fill out our online contact form or click on the chat box at the bottom of your browser.

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