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How Kaleidescape Makes Home Theaters More Convenient, Powerful


Enjoy Better Picture and Sound Quality Than Your Local Theater From the Comfort of Your West University Place, TX, Home

Going to the movies may not be the experience you expected as a kid. You may not be able to pick your seat ahead of time, so you wind up looking upwardly up at the screen from the front row. Maybe the audience is too loud, or there’s someone texting nearby, or there’s an equipment problem.

If you’ve been searching for a way to enjoy theater-quality picture and sound in a more controlled and more convenient environment, check out Kaleidescape. Kaleidescape’s streaming movie catalog brings the theater experience to your home without the potential downsides of going to the movies. Here are a few reasons you add Kaleidescape to your West University Place, TX home theater installation.

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We all have our favorite movies, but we don’t want to watch the same thing every day. Streaming services like Netflix only offer so many titles at any given time, and who’s to say if the movie you want will still be available in a few months? You could buy new movies on disc, but they’re expensive, and physical media is a dying technology. Taken together, these factors make finding new video content and building out your library a pricey, challenging feat.

Unless, of course, you install Kaleidescape. Kaleidescape has thousands of movies available for purchase from more major studios than any other service, including many recent releases available weeks before you can get them on disc. Kaleidescape systems also work well with today’s home automation systems, letting you integrate A/V controls with other devices you’ve already installed. Even better, you get to watch the movie without previews or warnings, letting you jump into the action more quickly.


While many streaming services have lackluster catalogs of 4K content, Kaleidescape offers many titles in 4K UHD with high-dynamic range (HDR) technology as well, giving you crystal-clear image quality for your home theater. Often the movie files are the same ones that were shown in the theater, making it the closest option to getting true movie quality into your home. All other movie streaming services use compression to reduce bandwidth, and while they may look good, they aren’t the same performance as a Kaleidescape movie.

You won’t have to worry about any streaming or network hiccups with Kaleidescape, either, because It is not using any internet streaming once downloaded to the server. Kaleidescape works by playing video directly from your server or streaming across your home network. And once you’ve downloaded the movie, it streams seamlessly to your home theater installation.

The Strato S movie player stores either 6 TB or 12 TB of movies, depending on the model, while the Terra movie server can store up to 40 TB of movies and stream them to another player. For a more compact option, the Strato C movie player has no internal storage but can stream movies from either a Strato S player or a Terra server.


As we’ve written before, home theater sound is just as important as image quality if you want an immersive viewing experience. Fortunately, Kaleidescape works with the latest and greatest in high-quality sound systems to deliver superior audio performance.

Kaleidescape movies use lossless audio formats in most cases to deliver the best audio experience possible. These formats include Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS:X and PCM. For a revolutionary listening experience. Kaleidescape even includes movies with Dolby Atmos capability, which turns every sound into an individual object that can be placed in a 3D soundscape to bring you into the action like never before. Most other streaming services can’t offer Dolby Atmos from a streaming platform, but you can bring that technology into your home with Kaleidescape.

Ready to bring the theatrical movie experience into your home with Kaleidescape? To find out more or get started on a Kaleidescape installation for your West University Place, TX, home, call today at (713) 933-0606. You can also fill out our contact form or click on the chat box in the corner of your web browser.


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