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How to Build a Successful High-End Audio System

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 Enjoy Your Favorite Music As it Was Meant to Be Heard

When you have an expertly designed high-performance audio system, it can completely change the way you enjoy your favorite music. Hearing high-performance sound for the first time can be a life-changing experience for many of our clients. It’s about more than powerful speakers; it’s about recreating your favorite music with the clarity and detail it deserves. Crafting the ultimate listening experience in your Houston, TX home requires a lot of moving parts—from acoustic room treatments to finding the right cables—but it's definitely worth it. In this blog, we offer a general overview of high-end audio design, while in future blogs we'll go more in-depth into your system's individual components.

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Find the Right Location

Just like in real estate, “location, location, location” is crucial in successful audio systems too. The location of your speakers will have a massive impact on your audio quality. The way a speaker sounds will change entirely between different spaces. You have to take into account the size and dimension of the room—for example, square rooms can result in muffled sound quality—to figure out which speakers and amplifiers would make the most sense.

You also have to consider how your sound waves will bounce around the room. Are there a lot of hard surfaces? Do you have drapes or rugs in place that can absorb the sound? As part of your system design, you may want to include acoustic panels that help you get a balanced sound.

Part of being a renowned Wilson Audio dealer means that the staff at has to go through extensive training on speaker positioning and setup. In fact, we are required to set up, in person, every pair of Wilson Audio speakers that we sell. It is so important that sometimes we even set them up for customers who bring them to the Houston area during a move, even if they didn’t buy them from us. But even if someone isn’t a Wilson customer yet, we still take this approach to all of our audio systems.

Know How You’ll Use Your System

To find the best speakers for your system, you need to know ahead of time if this will be primarily dedicated to music or if it will also serve for watching television and movies. While some systems can do double duty, a performance music system will likely have very different components and potentially even a totally different design. Often the highest performance equipment, in terms of the truest sound reproduction, are going to be specialized to a two-channel audio (i.e. stereo) system.

Install Complementary Components

A crucial step in designing a reliable high-end audio system is ensuring that all components come together seamlessly in what is known as system matching. This primarily has to do with having a strong partnership between your speakers and amplifiers—but it also means investing in high-quality cables to get clear communication between the two. Make sure these components match when it comes to power, impendance (resistance a speaker gives to an amplifier), and sound clarity.

Invest in High-Quality Components

One way to accomplish system matching is to make sure you only work with the top audio manufacturers. There’s no point in going for high-end speakers then combining them with off-the-shelf amplifiers. Depending on your system’s needs, we can help you figure out which manufacturers make the most sense whether it’s a stylish speaker from Wilson Audio or a powerful amplifier from Dan D’Agostino.

This year, the newest and lowest prices speakers from Wilson Audio, the Sabrina, won two Stereophile Magazine Product of the Year Awards for 2016. Such high regard for the accuracy and performance is one of many reasons that Wilson speakers are considered heirloom products. Being hand built and finished in the USA makes a product like this something that most customers will cherish and keep for years to come. In fact, Wilson Audio speakers are one of the few audio products on the market that hold their value or, in some cases, increase in value over time.

Brands and products from McIntosh, Sonus Faber, Audio Research, Wilson Audio, Martin Logan, Transparent Cables, and Dan D’Agostino are very exclusive to the dealers who truly understand them. They have a long legacy as being the innovators and the best products you can collect in a system. is honored to deal in such legendary products and offer them to our customers.

Hear It to Believe It

How do you know which components to include? As much as audio manufacturing has become a science, good audio reproduction is still an art form. This means you need to experience it to make a decision. Finding a local dealer like to test drive some of the best amplifiers and speakers on the market is the most important step. It isn’t always the most expensive gear or the one with the best specifications that you’ll want, but you need to have an audible reference point in order to select the best setup that meets your needs. Ultimately, you’re going to know it when you hear it.

Want to get started? Set up a consultation with our experts to see what kind of high-end audio system makes the most sense for your home.

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