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Invest in a Control Solution that Will Be Reliable for Years to Come

With smart products flooding the market in recent years, DIY smart home systems have skyrocketed in popularity. But these DIY systems come at a price: unreliability. Do you absolutely love your cable service? Most people don’t. So why rely on them to also provide your home automation system, never being able to have the same technician come out twice?

Rather than getting stuck with a pile of smart devices that barely work on their best days and are a hindrance the rest of the time, why not upgrade to a professional solution? With a professional installation, you can get smart home control that is easy to use, built to last for the long run, and doesn’t have to break the bank.

We have starter packages that get home automation and audio up and running for a very small investment. Because they are scalable, other rooms or devices can be added on later. How can enhance your smart home performance? Find out how the right devices, foundation, and support can make all the difference in your West University Place or Houston, TX home.

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Make Sure All Devices Are Compatible

Nothing will hurt your smart home performance more than incompatible devices causing frustration and additional expense. Designing a system where all your technology speaks the same language is one of the biggest priorities during a professional installation. The experts at can advise you on the best lighting, climate, security, and entertainment products. One example would be a Vantage lighting system notifying you if your QMotion shade batteries are running low. With proper design and the necessary programming, we make sure they communicate efficiently through a central home automation system.

Consolidate Control Under One System

That seamless communication between all your different devices is what differentiates a DIY approach from professional home automation. Most of the DIY packages don’t even have an audio component built in. With the latter, you can manage all your technology from a keypad, touchpad, tablet or smartphone. All your smart home control needs are in one place instead of having to switch constantly between keypads, remotes or mobile apps; and it's also easier to maintain it over time.

Create a Networking Backbone for Your Home

Once we’ve made sure that all your technology speaks the same language, we need to facilitate communication. With so many smart devices connecting to your home network, it’s time to give it a bit of a boost. Whether you have a home control system or not, almost everyone can benefit from a better wireless since most solutions are out of date within three or four years.

Upgrading your Wi-fi and home network not only provides for better communication with your automation, it also gives you faster downloads and quicker response from all of your mobile devices. The average home can have as many as 20 devices all trying to access the network at the same time. We work with you to enhance your router bandwidth, better manage your traffic, create a seamless roaming in the home, establish secure remote access, and create an overall stronger foundation for your smart home.

Invest in a System with Strong Support

While issues with home automation systems are rare, even the smallest downtime can be frustrating. To keep your home running smoothly, offers remote monitoring options. This is a proactive approach to monitoring the smart devices and recognizing problems before they stop working. Whether you’re just installing the technology or looking for an upgrade, you can add one of our remote monitoring and management plans to virtually any system. Below we highlight some of our services:

  • ISP Manager Plan: We keep your networking backbone healthy by tracking your uptime, speed, and performance. We work directly with your provider to resolve issues as soon as they occur.
  • Standard Care Plan: With remote access to your home, we can monitor all the core devices linked to your network. We receive immediate alerts as soon as something goes wrong so we can fix it quickly. This plan includes remote reboots and 15 minutes of free remote diagnostics and repair to reduce downtime.
  • Preferred Plus Plan: In addition to the reboot and diagnostics features from the Standard Care Plan, we monitor all the devices on your network (including AV and control equipment) and offer priority on-site service when needed.

Your smart home control installation isn’t complete as soon as all your equipment is plugged in. The technicians at are committed to creating long-lasting relationships with our clients through ongoing training, consulting, and support. To learn more about how we can improve your smart home performance, fill out our online contact form.

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