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How to Take Your Home Theater Installation to the Next Level

 iconic system home theater installation Helps You Design the Ultimate Movie-Watching Experience

Envision your ideal home theater. At its most basic level, a home theater installation may mean buying a new TV and speakers. But a lot more than that goes into recreating a real theater experience in your West University Place, TX home. Other things you should consider are the ways you'll access your favorite movies, the right location for your theater, and the best speaker layout. Follow the tips below to enjoy your favorite movies in a space designed from top to bottom for the ultimate convenience and audio and video quality.

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Find the Best Location for Your Theater

Every installation should begin by scoping out your property. Technicians with decades of experience in the AV industry can locate the room in your home that offers the best acoustic and lighting conditions for your theater or turn a less than ideal space into the perfect spot. Have no rooms that can be entirely isolated from external light? We can install blackout shades that reduce or eliminate exterior lighting. Lighting control can control the existing fixtures for that perfect “movie time” scene. Even bad sounding areas can be tamed by eliminating audio problems using drapes, acoustic treatments, or other techniques to help perfect the sound.

Upgrade to the Big-Screen Experience

A room for two or stadium seating for many? In our initial consultation, we take your space into consideration. While many customers have a large room to work with for a private theater, that is often not the case. Many people are surprised at how you can get a better than movie theater experience in a smaller room. In fact, both store locations for have theaters that are built out in smaller spaces to demonstrate this concept. We regularly transform unused bedrooms or dens into a private theater.

Whether the room is large or small, a projection experience is typically the way to get an immersive home movie experience. Don’t be intimidated by so many screen options. Let the experts help you figure out the size, screen material, and format that best suits your space and your movie watching style. With breakthrough technologies available today, some people have even brought the big screen movie experience into well-lit living areas or even outdoors. Whatever the size, the style, or the location; large screen is the way to go and the combination of 4K projectors and sources gives the quality and resolution needed to maximize the big picture.

 Get Access to Thousands of Movies

Many clients will focus on their fancy new projector and speakers and not think of a way to access their favorite movies. Expand your traditional entertainment system composed of Blu-rays, cable, and streaming services with a Kaleidescape media server. It lets you upload your current movie collection and download movies from their extensive 4K movie catalog. You can then browse by artists, genre, or movie title. Once you chose a movie, similar movies will surround it in your main menu, creating the perfect setup for an all-day marathon. Without a doubt it is the easiest solution for collecting and managing a large movie library.

Don’t have a massive movie library but still want a streamlined entertainment experience? That is where Tivo steps in. The latest Tivo boxes can not only replace most cable boxes, they consolidate all of the major streaming options. Cable television, recordings, Netflix, Amazon Video, Vudu, Hulu, HBO, and even Pandora are all in one place. No longer do you need to switch from cable to smart TV or a separate media box, Tivo puts it all at your fingertips and gives a ton of storage and with 4K capability. Still not enough options? Stream television shows and recordings to other rooms with up to six separate tuners built in. And while on the go, remotely watch, manage, and download recordings to a smart device.

Invest in Immersive Surround Sound

Want to enjoy your favorite movies like you do in commercial theaters? Then you also need to upgrade to a Dolby Atmos surround sound system. This setup requires speakers that produce sound in front, to the sides, behind and ABOVE the viewer. The experts at have gone through extensive training to create the perfect speaker setup and acoustic design for your room using a variety of speaker types and placement. We also connect you with the top brands in the industry including Wilson Audio, Martin Logan, Anthem, and Arcam to bring you powerful, natural, immersive sound.

Don’t settle for a cookie-cutter home theater solution from a big box store. helps you find the perfect screen, speaker configuration, and control options to create the ultimate movie-watching experience in your home. Why not use a concierge type service for a customized experience with a private theater? Call us or contact us online to set up a consultation.

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