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Is Martin Logan’s Renaissance Speaker the Right Fit for Your Home?

Explore the Sound Qualities It Could Bring to Your High-End Audio System

Embrace the power of high-performance sound with one of the most legendary loudspeakers in the audio industry. With Martin Logan's award-winning electrostatic technology, the Renaissance ESL 15A offers unprecedented power without losing any of its elegance. With exceptionally low distortion and room correction technology, it can become the flagbearer of your home's high-end audio system. In this blog, we delve into some of the things that make this loudspeaker a must-have for any audiophile in the Memorial, TX area.

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Electrostatic Technology

The one thing that makes Martin Logan stand out from its competition is its use of electrostatic technology instead of going with traditional cabinet speakers. In the Renaissance's long panel is a Mylar film lighter than air suspended in an electrostatic field. When pressure is exerted on it, it radiates from top to bottom, pushing sound through the tiny holes, called stators, found on the panel. Since sound is produced evenly across the face of the speaker, this technology creates less distortion than a traditional driver unit. Martin Logan uses MicroPerf stator technology to create twice the surface of a traditional electrostatic panel. Using ClearSpar spacers, the panel retains the same amount of tension throughout.

Immensely Powerful

A common criticism of electrostatic speaker is that they are less powerful and lack deep bass capabilities. This is where the Renaissance’s hybrid design comes into play. At the base of the speaker is a cabinet that includes two bass units and a dual 500-watt amplifier. In a traditional stereo system, a pair of Renaissance speakers peak at 1,000 watts to fill up large living spaces or listening rooms. The two bass units include PoweredForce Forward bass alignment technology to control the interaction between the subwoofers and the walls, limiting the effect the wall has on the sound.

Big Size, Small Presence

Electrostatic technology has a significant benefit aside from the low distortion: it also results in a much more stylish design. Though the speakers are still very large, coming in at almost six feet and 140 pounds, the translucent panel gives them an elegant profile view so they can serve as decorative pieces rather than an eye sore. They also take up much less room, allowing you to have artwork, plants or windows right next to them.

Adapts to the Room

Martin Logan partners with its sister company, Anthem, to incorporate Anthem Room Correction technology for mid-bass level controls. This is especially important when it comes to adjusting the subwoofers to create the perfect bass settings for your stereo system. Traditionally, the Renaissance works best in rooms of about 30 feet, but with the right adjustments, it can work in rooms as small as 18 feet. For added control, you can incorporate a Perfect Bass Kit with a microphone that analyzes the room environment to make the necessary adjustments at low frequencies.

A Finish for Any Home

Having pristine, powerful sound doesn’t have to come at the expense of your home décor. As we mentioned earlier, the translucent panel already helps to diminish the speaker’s presence without sacrificing quality. For the boxed section of the speaker, the company offers diverse finishing options to fit any style. Go with a traditional wooden, black or white option or upgrade to their premium red, blue or silver offerings.

Why not invest in a speaker that offers truly powerful sound while becoming another decorative piece of your home? The experts at can pair up your speakers with the best receivers and source components available to offer truly impressive high-end audio. To learn more about the top speakers in the industry, check out our blog or contact us online.


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