start your day off with high-tech solutions in your bathroom

When most people think about smart homes, the first things that come to mind are usually automated lights and motorized shades, smart security and cameras, and AV solutions. But did you know that you can optimize your bathroom space with high-tech home automation products? Make your bathroom as smart as the rest of your house in River Oaks, TX, by installing hidden TVs, lighted mirrors, and other features.

Step into the future as you step into your bathroom! Your room doesn’t need to be simply functional. Learn how to make it cater to your comfort level and sense of style by reading our blog.


elegant, lighted mirrors by Séura

Bring natural, bright light into your bathroom with innovative lighted mirrors. Unlike overhead lights or fixtures above the mirror, Séura’s lighted mirrors offer the elegance you want with the functionality you need. These mirrors create the best lighting for personal grooming and stylizing. Due to their broad suite of customization options, Séura’s mirrors also produce accent lighting that casts a beautiful glow on your walls. Instead of settling for a traditional mirror, give your bathroom a dramatic makeover with a modern one.

Backlit mirrors, in particular, offer unique lighting to transform a boring bathroom into one that has personality. They are appealing because the lights are behind the mirror to create a subtle glow to transform your space. Whatever mirror you choose, you’ll find that they also give your home a value boost. Something as simple as a lighted mirror adds hundreds of dollars (maybe more) to the value of your home.

hidden tv mirrors & smart displays

You wake up in the morning, head to the bathroom, and then check the weather forecast on your mirror. With a smart display mirror from Séura, you have a personalized digital hub right in front of you. And, when you’re not using it, it’s out of sight and out of mind! Connect to your calendar, check your email, and access your favorite apps – all by touching the display on your mirror. Don’t want to touch your mirror? Use voice command. It makes navigating your screen even easier.

At the same time, when your smart display is integrated into your smart home system, it allows you to view security cameras, adjust the lighting, access door locks, play music, and many other things. Start each day with the information that matters most to you by enjoying complete control of your home at your fingertips.

Séura also offers high-definition TV mirrors. These vanity mirrors blend seamlessly into your bathroom and become invisible when they are off. Watch TV while getting ready for the day or relaxing in your tub. If you want to enjoy the ultimate in luxury, why not add a robust high-end audio system in your bathroom? Complete with lighted mirrors, hidden TVs, smart lighting, and more, your bathroom could become the favorite room in your house.

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