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Partner Spotlight: A Look at Wilson Audio’s Flagship Speakers

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The Company Offers Some of the Most Coveted Speakers in the World

When we choose equipment for our high-end audio systems, we’re interested in only the best for our clients. This is why we go out of our way to partner with audio manufacturers that have shown an ongoing commitment to producing one-of-a-kind high-performance speakers. As part of our ongoing blog series, we like to highlight some of these partners to explain why we work with them.

This month we’re featuring Wilson Audio, which specializes in award-winning loudspeakers that make a statement not only with their sound quality but their innovative designs as well. With their superb build quality and craftsmanship, they are some of the most coveted audio products on the market.

Below we showcase some of their flagship speakers; some of which you can test drive first-hand at our showroom to see if they’re the right fit for your West University Place, TX home. We will also be hosting an event focused on Wilson Audio speakers this fall, so make sure to check back in for more details.

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WAMM Master Chronosonic

Wilson Audio’s latest addition is a limited-edition masterpiece looking to reinvent the WAMM originally released in 1985. Standing at over 7 feet tall it has a design that is as imposing as its sound quality. The WAMM Master Chronosonic uses separate enclosures to create the perfect time alignment, so the signal from each speaker reaches the listener simultaneously. The speaker includes five different enclosures and seven drivers that can be adjusted to within 5 microseconds.

This design is very similar to the original WAMM, with the materials used being the primary difference. Wilson Audio developed W-Material for the revamped speaker which includes titanium-reinforced aluminum. This material is placed throughout the speaker cabinet to help dissipate vibrations and create the ultimate balanced sound. The result is some of the most realistic audio reproduction ever achieved in a high-end loudspeaker.

  • Applications: With its grand design and price tag ($685,000/pair) this speaker is ideal for the most dedicated audiophiles in the world.
  • Review: “This was the most realistic reproduction of music I’ve heard in my life. The clarity was striking. The WAMM reproduced these instruments with an ‘in the room’ realism that I simply haven’t experienced before from recorded music.” –The Absolute Sound


Sabrina offers the power, contrast, and realism of Wilson Audio loudspeakers in a much sleeker design. The Sabrina is a composite of some of the other high-end audio options from the company, with many of the components from other speakers slightly adapted to fit the compact model. Like with other Wilson Audio lines, it’s all about design and implementation.

The Sabrina’s driver crossovers reduce distortion, enhance bass performance, and increase dynamic contrast. Though it’s smaller than its counterparts, the Sabrina still offers impressive sound rivaling much larger systems. The speaker’s biggest strength may be in its dynamic range, seamlessly transitioning from different notes and volume variations. Though it only has an 8” subwoofer, it has no trouble handling deep bass sounds and can transition smoothly from bass to midrange tones.

  • Applications: High-end audio enthusiasts with space or design limitations will love Sabrina's smaller offering. At just under $16,900 a pair, these are also an excellent entry point for audiophiles that are intimidated by the company’s higher-priced lines.
  • Review: “Wilson has succeeded spectacularly in producing a speaker that, while of relatively modest size, indeed has all the hallmarks of the Wilson sound: wide frequency range, high resolution, real bass, a striking absence of cabinet colorations, and a particular adeptness in communicating the dynamic contrasts of live music.” –Stereophile


Wilson Audio’s Alexx’s speaker joined the family in 2016. Like the WAMM, it comes with a pretty impressive design at just under six feet and 400 pounds. It boasts two powerful subwoofers—one measuring 10.5 inches and one 12.5 inches—and two 7-inch mid-range drivers. The speaker’s driver boxes can be adjusted by your trusted AV technician to find the ideal sound staging for your high-end audio system.

As with the Sabrina and WAMM, the build quality of the new Alexx speaker incorporates the company’s trademark composite material instead of wood to reduce the resonance within the speaker cabinet. The craftsmanship in the speakers is unique to create pin-point accuracy and excellent transition between sound variations. Each speaker is made to order and takes about five weeks to produce. Lasers embedded in the speaker even measure the room environment for optimal acoustic performance.

  • Applications: Ideal for high-end enthusiasts with its adjustable design allowing it to work in smaller environments. The speakers come in at around $100,000/pair.
  • Review: “The very-limited-edition WAMM Master Chronosonic aside, the Alexx is easily the best big speaker Wilson Audio Specialties has produced.” –Stereophile

Support, Service and Installation

All Wilson Audio speakers are shipped in pieces, so you need a professional to put them together for optimal performance. No matter what model you decide to bring into your home, Wilson Audio will offer upgrades to any existing products and service any speaker they’ve manufactured over the past forty years.

Wilson Audio works through trusted dealers like so clients can test-drive the speakers and then have them professionally installed. also offers certified pre-owned speakers as well as trade-up and trade-in programs that customers can take advantage of to bring these high-end audio systems into their home.

To learn more about these truly heirloom models or about our other high-performance sound products, contact us online.

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