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Partner Spotlight: Get to Know Bowers & Wilkins' New 700 Series

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Explore the Basics of B&Ws Newest Speaker Line

Bowers & Wilkins sparked waves across the sound distribution industry this fall with its introduction of a new speaker line: the innovative 700 Series.

Revealed in early September 2017, the most recent line from the iconic audio brand combines technologies from its premier 800 Series Diamond with innovations specifically designed for the 700 series.

The goal: To bring the clarity and definition of studio-quality sound into homes across the world.

That means if you want high-performance audio in your home in The Woodlands, Texas, the Bowers & Wilkins 700 Series might just be the perfect fit.

Below, we explain the basics of the 700 Series and what, exactly, it can add to your property.

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The 700 Series Basics

Bowers & Wilkins’ 700 Series replaces the brand’s earlier CM Series while also borrowing technology from the 800 Series Diamond speaker line.

The new line features eight speakers – including three standmount speakers, three floorstanding models and two dedicated center channels for surround sound and home-theater use. Each speaker is available in either gloss black, rosenut or satin white finishes.

What’s exciting about the 700 Series, though, is that while it features new Bowers & Wilkins technology, it also incorporates some of the most advanced features from the 800 Series Diamond – the brand’s premier line.

800 Series Diamond technologies included in 700 Series speakers consist of the Continuum midrange driver for revealing intimate sound details and modified versions of the 800 Diamond’s Aerofoil bass driver and tweeter-on-top technologies.

New technologies specifically designed for the 700 Series include Carbon Dome tweeters that provide resistance to distortion, stiffness and an audio break-up point of 47kHz; and a new midrange aluminum floorstanding speaker chassis that not only is stiffer than the outgoing CM Series but also includes a tuned mass damper that diminishes any resonance in the speaker’s structure.

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Innovation and Beauty

What sets Bowers & Wilkins’ 700 Series apart from its predecessors, though, is how it blends sleek design with high-performance audio.

For example, let’s examine the tweeters on top of the 702 S2 and 705 S2 speakers.

These tweeters consist of a solid mass of aluminum, meaning they are acoustically optimized compared to a hollow-zinc tweeter in that they are inert, stiffer and have a less-resonant structure.
What truly separates tweeter-on-top technology isn’t just that you place it outside of the speaker cabinet.

It’s that doing so actually enhances the speaker’s design – and audio quality.

700 Series speakers provide not only high-fidelity sound but also are easy on the eye. It’s a win-win situation.


We at are proud Bowers & Wilkins partners and can customize a 700 Series system to fit your home in The Woodlands. 

If you want to learn more about high-performance audio, we encourage you to reach out to us.

To get in touch, you can call us at 713.933.0606, chat live with a member of our staff by clicking on the button at the bottom-right corner of your screen or fill out a short form on the page linked below. We look forward to assisting you!

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