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Sony reinvents television again with OLED.

Sony has once again redefined what we should see in a television with their latest release of OLED televisions.  Using groundbreaking technology, these new flagship displays have the highest contrast and inkiest blacks ever available in a television.  Rarely does any new product category garner so much attention and praise right out of the gates, but this is truly a product launch done right.  OLED in some ways takes the best of both plasma television and LCD / LED technologies to create a entirely new product.  Light is produced by the pixel (like plasma) instead of passing through a screen (like LCD).  When off, it is deep, dark, and black.  When on, it is vivid, colorful, and bright.  There has never been a better way to reproduce a video image.  While more expensive than average televisions, the pricing is actually quite a bit less than what a flagship television would have cost only a couple of years ago.  Currently available in a 55" and 65", a 75" will be available later in the year.  Not content on just creating the most beautiful images, Sony also packed in new audio technology.  The "acoustic surface" of the screen actually acts as a transducer to produce sound in lieu of speakers.  While this gives it one of the sleekest profiles on the market, we still wouldn't recommend that as the only audio.  Even with all of the well deserved hype surrounding this new product line, don't take our word for it.  Every review published so far has dubbed it the best television on the market.  Jaw-dropping, the best, incredible, flawless, and remarkable are all words that reviewers in the media have recently used to describe this achievement.  If you have been waiting for a new technology to come along that will make you want to upgrade your exisiting television, here it is.  Contact us to be one of the first, exclusive owners of Sony's ultimate television, the new OLED series.

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