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Upgrade Your Home with Motorized Shades


QMotion Shades and Savant Home Automation Appeal to Potential Buyers

Condo designers and builders must anticipate the needs of future tenants and make their properties stand out from the competition. More residents than ever expect smart devices and systems to be incorporated into their future homes. Partner with a smart technology integrator like to ensure that your condos are beautiful and intelligent.

In this blog, we’re focusing on the advantages of adding powered motorized shades by QMotion and Savant smart home control to your Memorial, TX condo properties for increased value and appeal. Keep reading to learn more!

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Your tenants will be able to easily adjust their window treatments from the comfort of their couch—there’s no need to get up and wrestle with the cord! With just the tap of a button on a stylish Savant remote or Savant Pro mobile app, every shade can be opened, closed, or precisely adjusted. This is especially ideal for awkwardly placed windows that are difficult to reach. Shades can even be automated to adjust on a preset schedule or with the sunrise and sunset, allowing hands-free control of natural lighting.


Motorized shades also add an extra layer of privacy to your tenants’ lifestyles. Whether they’re at home or away, an effortless touch of a button can close all the shades in their condo at once, preventing peering eyes and potential invasions of privacy. Bedrooms tend to have large windows to let in natural light, but on the other hand, bedrooms are supposed to be personal spaces. Tenants can quickly secure their space with the simple tap of a button or even schedule their blinds or shades to close automatically when the sun goes down.

Energy Savings

Automated window treatments can also help lower your tenants’ energy costs when operating on a schedule or when paired with temperature sensors. For example, during the winter, your tenants’ shades can open automatically during peak sunlight hours to let sunlight warm their condo naturally, reducing the work that their climate control system has to do to warm their home. The opposite is also true in the summer. During the hottest parts of the day, the shades will close, reducing solar heat gain and keeping indoor temperatures cool. From art to flooring, UV light can damage home furnishings when coming through a window. In addition to energy savings, UV protection is a secondary benefit of motorized shades. is your Memorial-area shading installer, and we’re proud to work with class-leading smart home brands like QMotion shades and Savant home automation. We’re here to help you with all your smart technology needs, from lighting control to audio-video components and more. Contact us here or call (713) 933-0606 to learn more.

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