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From lights to locks, there has never been a better or more convenient time to gain complete control over your home.  Save energy by adjusting lights and thermostats while away.  Monitor the security of your home with remote surveillance.  Adjust shades to set the mood for a movie. A home automation installation allows activities in your West University, TX or River Oaks home to be controlled without even touching a button with schedules or scenes.  If you can dream it, it can be a reality.  Control of every home system can be integrated into a single solution.  From an elegant keypad on the wall, to a sophisticated touchscreen, or even remotely from a smart device; home control is easy and literally at your fingertips.  Even though we have projects using all of the major brands in the space, we have a preferred vendor list that includes the best of the best. 





Smart Home Technology: What is a smart home?  We can all imagine controlling a thermostat with an app.  Most people have probably streamed their favorite songs to a system.  But picture all of that and more being done through a single, elegant app.  Not only is it possible, but it’s easy to operate and more affordable than ever.  Comfort, music, TV, surveillance cameras, locks, motorized shades, and lighting are all smart technology categories that can be integrated into one system within your Houston, TX home.  Control all services in a room or the whole house.  Adjust individual items or have a whole scene incorporate all of your favorite settings.  Now a welcome home turns into a symphony of music turning on, shades opening, lighting ramping up, and the temperature adjusting to your most comfy setting.  We can help you design a smart home that caters to your lifestyle and show you how to create custom smart home scenes on your own.  Now the power of all home systems working together is possible to make a home really smart.  And isn't simplicity the highest form of elegance?






Home Lighting Control: The most visible and visual part of any home is the lighting.  The foundation of proper lighting is good lighting design and fixture specification using the right layout and the appropriate fixtures.  The next layer is lighting control.  In new or existing homes, lighting control allows a sophisticated look without complication.  Art lights, chandeliers, and recessed fixtures are all controlled through a dimmer which allows layers of light to create more dramatic spaces.  Art objects look better when there is enough contrast in the lighting around them, created by setting the levels correctly for the time of day.  Simple swaps from switches to controlled dimmers is easy and effective.  Curated, centralized lighting control systems can eliminate tons of devices on the wall that are no longer necessary.  Motorized shades add another layer of lighting control that can operate on their own or react to the sun outside.  These are all lighting control methods.  But imagine the color of the lighting responding along with the levels.  This is human centric lighting or color controlled lighting.  Scientific data proves that our bodies respond to color of light differently, so imagine harnessing this power to help you stay alert during the day and sleep better in the evenings.  Sounds great, right?  But what if it could do all of this automatically so you never had to think about it?  That is the power of home lighting control.






Lighting control and smart home technology are the most common first requests of new homeowners.  But don't forget about audio and video.  Music can be heard and not seen with the latest in music distribution and designer speakers.  With a multi-room audio system, you can cue up your favorite album in any room or start streaming a curated station for a gathering.  Media control is not just limited to music though.  Your old TV can get a big upgrade with video distribution.  Start a movie in one room and continue it in another.  Watch the big game on every television in the house.  You can even watch multiple feeds on a single large display.  But don't forget about art.  By simply turning off your TV, you can activate curated, high resolution art to begin playing on one or all displays throughout the house regardless of the make and model.  Take control of music, video, or any media with a control system that integrates into your smart home.


equinox gives you the ultimate in control and automation, while integrating it seamlessly into the design of your home.

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